Water Restrictions

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New Stage 3 Water Restrictions (Download PDF)
Effective thru October 31st

Allowed Landscape Water Days:

Citizens with Even Addresses water 1st and 3rd Tuesday.

Citizens with Odd Addresses water 2nd and 4th Thursday.

  • Use of soaker or hand held hoses for watering foundations, trees and new landscaping for up to two (2) hours per day
  • Public athletic fields used for competition may be watered twice per week
  • Gold course greens and tee boxes can be watered without restrictions
  • Registered and properly operating ET/Smart irrigation and drip systems may also be used without restrictions
  • You can operate ornamental fountains if treated water is used
  • Hydroseeding, hydromulching & sprigging is allowed
  • Existing swimming pools can be replenished to maintain operational levels only; no draining or refilling is allowed

These restrictions remain in place:

  • No hosing of paved areas, buildings or windows but pressure washing of impervious surfaces is allowed.
  • No washing or rinsing of vehicles by hose except with a hose-end cut-off nozzle.
  • No use of water in such a manner as to allow run-off or other waste.