Racial Profiling Information

The Royse City Police Department is committed to unbiased policing in all its encounters with the public. We strive to reinforce procedures that serve to ensure public confidence and mutual trust through the provision of services in a fair and equitable fashion. Members of this Department will not infringe upon any person’s freedom without just, legal and necessary cause. State law and Royse City Police Department General Orders strictly prohibit police officers from engaging in racial profiling.

Filing a Complaint

A person wishing to file a complaint should first contact a supervisor at the Royse City Police Department. The supervisor will explain the complaint process, which requires a signed letter of complaint verifying that it is not a fictitious letter that has been signed with a fictitious name. Citizens who wish to file a complaint of racial profiling may do so up to ninety (90) days following the incident. Once the complaint has been received and processed a supervisor will contact the complainant and explain the investigatory process.

You may file a complaint by submitting a signed written statement or by downloading the complaint form below and forward it by email, by U.S. Mail, or submit it in person at the Royse City Police Department.