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The Royse City Police Department is seeking high-quality men and women from all backgrounds who share our commitment to Honesty, Integrity and Community Trust.  The Royse City Police Department is a fast-growing, proactive department that offers career opportunities in Patrol, Traffic, Criminal Investigation, Community Services, and a School Resource Officer Program. In addition, we have specialized units such as an Accident Reconstruction Team, UAV (Drone) Team, Patrol Bicycle, Honor Guard and a Motorcycle unit.  If you are interested in a career in law enforcement and want to make a positive impact on our community, please consider joining our department.

Minimum Requirements:  Must be 21 years old with a minimum of 30 hours from an accredited college, college waved with three years military or law enforcement experience. You do not have to be TCOLE Certified to apply. 

Police Officer:   

  • Step #1 $69,345.00
  • Step #2 $72,812.25
  • Step #3 $76,452.00
  • Step #4 $80,267.20
  • Step #5 $84,281.60
  • Step #6 $88,504.00
  • Top Out with 5% Lump $92,929.00


  • Top Out with 5% lump $105,945.00.


  • Top Out with 5% lump $124,335.00.

Signing bonus is $3000.00.

Three-step plan: 

  • Upon Hire or completion of Police Academy $1,000.00
  • Completion of Filed Training Program $1,000.00
  • Release from probation period $1,000.00

Hiring Process:  Applicants with no police experience must pass the entrance exam and physical agility requirements before entering into the hiring process.  Applicants currently working as law enforcement officers do not have to take the entrance exams or physical agility and will be contacted by a representative to start the hiring process when their application is received.

Lateral Program: Law Enforcement Officers can lateral in at higher pay grade depending on years of experience and qualifications. 

Education Pay: 

  • Associates: $900 per year
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $1200 per year     
  • Master: $2400 per year

Certificate Pay: 

  • Intermediate: $600 per year   
  • Advanced: $1200 per year   
  • Masters: $1800 per year

Medical and Vision Insurance: 100% City Provided for employees and competitive rates for families.

Holiday Pay: 13 paid holidays.

Work Schedule: Officers assigned to patrol duties work 12-hour shifts.

Shift Differential: $650.00 per year for working deep nights.

Bilingual Pay:  $2,080.00 per year.

Uniforms and Equipment: All equipment and uniforms provided, and uniform cleaning paid for.

Retirement: Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) 14% contribution by City, 20-year retirement, 5-year vesting.

For more information, please visit our Employment Opportunities or email