Animal Services

Our Mission: to enhance the lives of companion animals and support the human-animal bond through adoption, reunification, education, and spay/neuter awareness.

The Royse City Animal Services is much more than just an animal shelter. It’s a place where dedicated professionals and volunteers share their commitment, their passion and their talents to help the animals and people of Royse City. The Royse City Animal Services operates a companion animal shelter and adoption center in Royse City that processes over 500 animals per year. Through the help of the staff and a large group of volunteers, we provide a number of programs to enhance animal well-being and improve adoptability.

Our Vision:

  • Every adoptable companion animal in Royse City has a home;
  • Every lost companion animal in Royse City is reunited with its owner; and
  • Every companion animal is treated with kindness and awareness.


Royse City Animal Services
1101 Josephine Street
Royse City, Texas 75189

Open for appointment only.   Staff and volunteers are at the shelter regularly, but if you plan to visit, please call ahead: 214-796-1445 or 214-934-9352.

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