Code Compliance

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for addressing nuisance and property standard violations to provide a safe and healthy environment for the community.  The main goal of this enforcement is to resolve violations to reduce neighborhood deterioration and sustain property values.

Concerns that Code Enforcement addresses include, but not limited to:

  • Abandoned buildings
  • Junked and Abandoned Vehicles
  • Debris or other nuisances
  • Illegal dumping
  • Dilapidated fences or arbors
  • Home-based business concerns
  • Illegal sign placement
  • Open wells or storm cellars
  • Substandard or dangerous structures
  • High Weeds and Grass
  • Unsecured swimming pools

Top 10 Code Violations

1.    High Weeds and Grass Sec. 6.05.001 Prohibition against high weeds
2.    Debris or Other Nuisances Article 13.04 Solid Waste
3.    Junked and Abandoned Vehicles Article 8.08 Junked and Abandoned Vehicles
4.    Parking in Grass Sec. 6-7 Off-Street Parking (c5)
5.    Substandard or Dangerous Structures International Property Maintenance Code
6.    Signs Article 3.08 Signs
7.    Building Without Permit Sec. 1-11 Building Permit/Certificates of Occupancy
8.    Trashcans Article 13.04 Solid Waste
9.    Illegal Dumping Sec. 13.04.014 Unlawful Disposal
10.  Solicitation Without Permit Article 4.05 Solicitation and Handbill Distributors


Kevin Shearer, Code Enforcement Officer