Fire & Home Occupancy Inspection

The goal of the Fire Marshal’s Office is for all businesses, operations, occupancies, and events in the
City of Royse City to be safe, successful and in accordance with the Fire Code. Fire Inspections play a
key part in meeting this goal.

Fire inspectors inspect new construction of buildings and structures and all existing commercial
buildings and structures to search for fire hazards and to ensure that federal, state, and local fire
codes are met. They also test and inspect fire protection systems and fire extinguishing equipment
to ensure proper operation. Violations are documented and require a re-inspection to ensure
compliance with the code requirements. Non-compliance of requirements are subject to citation and
legal action.

Fire Inspectors maintain a Texas Commission of Fire Protection Certification and take continuing
education code related classes to maintain their certification and skill level.

If you have questions regarding a fire inspection or a possible fire code violation please contact us.

Fire Codes

Scheduling a Fire Inspection
If an inspection is associated with a fire permit, you will need to have the permit number available.
To schedule an inspection, contact us:

Fire Marshal’s Office
Phone: (972) 524-4820
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM- 4:00 PM.

**Home Occupancy Inspection**
Per City Ordinance 06-12- 541 a home occupancy inspection (HO) is required for any pre-existing
home that changes occupants. The HO inspection fee of $75.00 is non-refundable. The inspection is
performed by the City Fire Inspector to ensure the place of residence meets current code. The HO
inspection is valid for 60 days after the residence passes inspection. If the home remains
unoccupied after 60 days, a new inspection will be required. Payment and the scheduling of the
inspection will be done at a time of the water account set up.