Technical Standards

The Royse City Technical Construction Standards and Specifications Manual (TCSS) outlines and describes the standards and specifications required to implement the provisions of the City’s Subdivision Ordinance and to provide for the orderly, safe, healthy and uniform development of the area within the corporate city limits and within the area surrounding the City, extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Please contact the Public Works Department Email (972-524-4843) or Development Services Department Email (972-524-4832) for further information or questions regarding the TCSS.

Technical Construction Standards and Specifications Manual

Cover Sheet


Section 1 – General

Section 2 – Streets, Parking & Fire Lanes

Section 3 – Storm Drainage

Section 4 – Vegetation

Section 5 – Water System

Section 6 – Wastewater System

Section 7 – Miscellaneous

Section 8 – Special Provisions; Materials & Construction Methods

Section 9a – Miscellaneous Requirements: Standard Drawings

Section 9b – General Construction Notes