Library Policy

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Statement of Responsibility

By applying for the right to use the library, you are agreeing to abide by its rules.  You agree to pay fines or damages incurred and give prompt notice of any change of address and or phone number.  You also agree to comply with the Fair Use and Copyright laws regarding videos and other library materials.


Blu-Ray and DVDs maximum three per family—7 day loan; all other items—21 day loan.  New patrons may check out 3 items per card on the first day, 10 items per card thereafter.  Books may be rechecked, unless they are on a waiting list or overdue.  Videos may be rechecked unless they are on a waiting list or overdue.  Also they may only be renewed once.

Overdue Fines

Videos–$1.00 per day per (Blu-Ray and DVD) up to $5 each; all other items—20 cents per day per item, up to $5 each.


The replacement fee for a lost library card is $3.00.

Book Drop

The book drop is located outside the front entrance of the library.  C.F. Goodwin library materials may be returned in the drop at any time, but interlibrary loan items must be returned at the check-out desk during the library’s operating hours.


Black and white copies and computer print outs cost 10 cents per page for black and white; 25 cents for color.  You will be charged for all pages that print.

Library Cards

All Royse City residents and Rockwall county residents are eligible for a free card from the C.F. Goodwin Library.  Proof of residency is required.