DVD/CD General Policy

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General Policies

    • By law you may not duplicate DVD/CDs in part or entirety.
    • By law, these DVD/CDs may not be used for commercial or theatrical distribution and cannot be broadcast or cablecast.
    • By law you may not show most DVD/CDs in a public place, without a public performance licence.  According to copyright law, a public performance is one that takes place outside the home or in any place where a substantial number of persons outside the normal circle of family and its social acquaintance is gathered. C.F. Goodwin Library holds a public performance license, and certain titles may be shown to the public in the library.
    • The borrower accepts responsibility for the care of any DVD/CDs borrowed and for determining the appropriate audience for content.
    • Neither the Northeast Texas Library System nor the Library is responsible for damage caused to a borrower’s equipment by playing the DVD/CDs.