Pet Registrations

The Royse City Animal Services asks that you help us get your pet home. Far too many animals cannot be reunited with their owners. Licensing your pet is a way to give your pet away home if they are lost.

View pet registration form (PDF)

Pet Registration is required by the City of Royse City. The City of Royse City Ordinance 282, Sec. 2.01.005 and Sec. 2.03.001 requires that current rabies vaccinations and pet registrations must be completed.

Dog and cat licenses are due January 1st and expire December 31st. You can renew your pet registration license at Royse City City Hall, located at 305 N Arch Street Royse City, TX, Monday through Friday from 8 am through 5 pm. The cost of pet registration for each dog and cat is $5 for sterilized and $10 for unsterilized.