Taking Care of Your Ticket

How to Take Care of Your Citation

Once a citation is issued, you must file your initial appearance in person, via mail, or by counsel on or before the 15th day from the issue date.

If you decide to speak with the judge regarding your case, you will be required to set a court date. Please note:

  • The Judge cannot discuss pending judicial proceedings unless the Defendant has entered a plea of guilty or no contest (Cannon 3(5) Code of Judicial Conduct)
  • The Royse City Municipal Court is a Court of Record

Pretrials & Trials

A court date may be scheduled by the Defendant, either in person or by mail.

We hold docket calls on the first, second, and third Wednesdays of each month, with exception of any holidays that may fall on a typical docket day.

Per Standing Order Number 6 and Number 11; Upon a plea of Not Guilty, the defendant shall be set for a pretrial with the prosecutor to file any motions, and to have the procedures and options explained prior to the trial date. If the individual is represented by legal counsel, the matter will be scheduled for an attorney docket.

Any persons who have pleaded not guilty shall have the opportunity at the time of their pretrial, to request either a trial by jury, being six citizens of the City of Royse City, or a trial by Judge.

Any defendant who requests a jury trial must be advised that failure to appear on the day of trial shall incur the costs of impaneling the jury, unless good cause is shown to the Court, pursuant to Article 45.251 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

Although electronic means of recording or filing of documents may be permitted, under CCP 45.012(b)(2), the court will not accept electronic filings of the following: Pleas, Letters of Representation, formal motions to the Court, surety bonds, or appeal bonds. *If you are unsure about what method is acceptable for what you may be filing, then please contact the Court. Please note that the Court does not have a secure fax machine, so we offer no guarantee that anything you fax will be received.

Appearances in Person or by Mail / Driving Safety Requests, Payment Plans

You may pay your citation in person or via mail. Whether you have to appear in person is dependant on what you are requesting from the Court. (Any persons under the age of 17 are required to appear in person accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)

Standing Order Number 8; Upon a plea of guilty or no contest, and waiver of a trial by jury, the clerk may process a payment plan. If the defendant has two or more open violations, then upon timely payment of the lowest amount, fine, and court costs, then a 30-day extension may be granted to pay the remaining amount in full. Or, if the defendant has only one pending open case, then upon payment of $50, the defendant can elect payment installations of either $50 a week or $100 biweekly until the amount is paid in full. The $25 Time Payment Fee is to be added on the 31st day from the date of judgment. The Time Payment Fee is assessed only one time per case.

Compliance Dismissals / Motor Vehicle Inspections, Registrations & Insurance

You may mail or present in person, documentation (such as proof of insurance coverage, registration, inspection, proof of address change, proof of driver's license, or driver's license renewal). All motor vehicle insurance policies and driver's licenses are verified by the court.

There shall be a $20 dismissal fee for Expired Registrations. *Standing Order Number 1: The Defendant must submit satisfactory evidence that he/ she remedied the defect within 20 working days of the date of the offense or before the defendant's court appearance; and if the defendant presents evidence of payment of a late fee for registration with the appropriate tax office, per Transp. Code, 502.407 (b)

There shall be a $20 dismissal fee for Expired Motor Vehicle Inspections, *Standing Order Number 1; if the defendant presents satisfactory evidence that he/ she remedied the defect within 20 working days of the date of offense or before the defendant's court appearance; and if the Vehicle Inspection has not been expired for more than 60 days, per Transp. Code 548.605 (b).

A $20 administrative fee also applies to Expired Operator's License and Failure to Update or Change your Address on your driver's license.

Standing Order Number 12; The Court may grant time-served credit for any time spent in jail on a City-generated charge or City warrants. The defendant must show proof of time served on city warrants.