Volunteer Introduction

Adult Volunteer Forms are available at the City Hall Water Department.

Teens 13 through 17 may apply at the Front Desk of the Library. A parent needs to be with the teen to complete the form.

Your work as a volunteer is an important and integral part of the operation of the library. This is especially true in an open-shelf system where browsing is encouraged. Many books are taken from the shelves, examined, and replaced, often incorrectly. Since this is the case, your help is essential if books are to be found in a timely manner.

Your main duties are shelving and shelf-reading materials, helping to get projects together for Story Times, dusting shelves, covering books, and cleaning. You will need to fill out a CF Goodwin Public Library Adult/Student Volunteer Application. Be sure you have the correct phone numbers of persons to be contacted in case of emergency.

You will be taught how to shelve books and how to-read shelves, and may also be asked to contribute to ongoing library programming if your interests match the need.